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Fellow Virgin Islanders and Friends,

We are actively working to bring about change now, to stop our public authorities from polluting our air and water, and to instead be environmentally protective of our territorial waters, air and endangered species, before it is too late, and we would then lose tourism if our waters are all polluted. At the same time we are working toward greatly reducing our cost of electricity. We can only do this by getting the federal agencies to help us, with an influx of cash, and direct financial and operational oversight.

With your support, through donations and through voting on petitions, we can give everyone a voice in protecting our fragile environment here in the Virgin Islands.  Please Join our website by providing your name and email in the upper right.  We will not share your name or email information with anyone. When we present a petition, we will ask for votes so we can give a head count. Also, by joining, you allow us to contact you when there is something important going on that affects our environment.  EPA, CZM and Senate Hearings on Alpine Energy, Waste Management, WAPA, Dangers to our Coral Reefs, new Power-Generation technologies and proposals and Pollution Alerts.

We will not send you endless emails.  We will only send Critical Alerts to notify you of short notice Hearings or other special times where citizen voices must be heard.  In these cases, we hope you will find a way to get there and make your voice heard.

Too often, we feel as if we are one voice in the wilderness and are not heard.  By using the Internet, this web site, social networking, your emails for raising the alarm and your votes, we can all have a  much larger impact.


Individual Membership – $25.00 per year

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