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Is Anyone Home at the EPA?

Please read the two letters to EPA Region 2 Administrator Enck in our Current Crises Page; it is well worth reading.  These two letters are still unanswered since May last year!!!

From: Susan Wolterbeek []
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:02 AM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’
Subject: When will I be receiving the Promised reply to letters dated 5/17/10 and 3/2/11?

Dear Bonnie:

When we spoke several weeks ago, you assured me that I would soon be receiving a response to my letters to the Regional Administrator of last May 17, 2010 and March 2, 2011. Will you now please make this a priority?

Your agency refuses to file for contempt or even alert the Court that VIWMA pumped a further 69+ days of raw sewage into our coastal waters. If the rate was again pumped out at 1.2 million gallons per day,  the polluting surpassed last year’s total. The EPA in its new filing has grossly misstated the facts to the Court, and did not even mention to the Court that VIWMA is not giving required warnings to the public. I look forward to receiving the Promised response to my letter to Judith Enck. Sincerely, Susan

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