Environmental Contacts

This list is just a beginning. Please let us know what to add.

Community Environmental Organizations



Website: www.greenervi.org Email: susan@greenervi.org  (340) 714-2233

USVI Recycling Partnership

Website:  wiggio.com/group_open_join.php?groupid=323553&password=recycle
Email: Lisa Ruggero lruggero@syracusecoe.org.  See our Recycling Page at  greenervi.org/?page_id=700

Environmental Association of St. Thomas/St. John (EAST)

Website:  www.eastvi.org (340) 776-1976

St John Community Foundation

Website:  www.sfcf.org Email: allawe@sjcf.org (340) 693-9410

St. Croix Environmental Association

Website:  www.stxenvironmental.org Email: info.atsea@gmail.com (340)-773-1989

Caribbean Green Technology Center

Emails:  waynearchibald.com/center and warchib@uvi.edu (340) 693-1158

Island Resources Foundation

Website: www.irf.org E-mail: irf@irf.org (340)-775-6225

Coral Bay Garden Center and Organic Farm (340) 693-5579

Maho Bay Camps, Inc.

Website: www.maho.org Toll Free: 1-800-392-9004 or 340-715-0501

Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute (VISFI)

Website: www.visfi.org

VI  Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.

Website: www.usvircd.org Email: vircd@usvircd.org 340-692-9632, x5

VI Composts

Website: www.vicomposts.com Email: info@vicomposts.com


Website: www.growvi.org Email: Chloe Beyer chloe@growvi.org

The Nature Conservancy

Website: www.nature.org/wherewework/caribbean/usvi: (340) 718-5575

Coral Bay Community Council

Website: www.coralbaycommunitycouncil.org

Email: coralbaycommunitycouncil@hotmail.com (340) 776-2099

The Red Hook Community Alliance

Email: betterislands@rhca.vi (340) 344-2143

Recycling Association of the Virgin Islands (RAVI)

St. Croix Chapter: stxra@usvircd.org or call 340-692-9632 x5 for more information.

St. John Chapter:  allawe@sjcf.org

Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators (VINE)

Websites: www.usvircd.org or www.gotostcroix.com

Virgin Islands Conservation Society (VICS)

National Council for Solar Growth


Contact: patti@evergreensolar.com


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