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USVI Recycling Partnership

The USVIRP is an initiative established by Region 2 EPA Administrator Judith Enck to promote waste reduction, recycling and clean composting through a working partnership including government (at all levels), non-profit organizations, citizens, environmental groups, and the private sector. The group uses a Web-based collaboration tool, named Wiggio, to post and edit documents, keep track of upcoming events, create to-do lists, and communicate about this exciting project. Click the link below to join the USVIRP Wiggio. Once you confirm your registration by providing an email address and creating a password, don’t forget to adjust the frequency of email notifications Wiggio will send you to fit your personal preference. You can choose to receive emails for every post on Wiggio, a daily summary (recommended), or no email notification. If you choose not to receive emails then please be sure to check the site regularly to ensure that you are well informed on USVIRP happenings. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Lisa Ruggero at


Go Green- 2011 Rolex Regatta

This year, in partnership with Montessori School, the St. Thomas Yacht Club recycled their aluminum cans for the St. Thomas International Rolex Regatta. If your group wishes to recycle aluminum cans, you may borrow the recycle bins from VIWMA for a particular event, by contacting Charmin Springer at VIWMA and filling out an application.   E-mail: or


Click on the following link for a PDF version of the Recycling options within the US Virgin Islands:

VIWMA Recycling Options


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