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EPA Misleads the Court on Severity of Sewage Dumping

From: Susan Wolterbeek []
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 11:18 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Corrected data- 69 days of bypasses

Dear Eduardo:

I wanted to give you a quick heads up, because your are significantly misstating facts to Judge Gomez. As you can see by the summary I sent you on March 30, 2011, as well as the above communication by VIWMA, Barren Spot was bypassing from March 13, 2011 through March 23, 2011. There were other bypasses by Barren Spot as well:

6/13/2010 Barren Spot PS Pump Coupling Sheared                                                            1 Day  4 Hours

6/28/2010 Barren Spot PS Pump vent line Plugged                                                             1 Hour 15 min.

8/19/2010 Barren Spot PS Pump lost its prime                                                                    1 Hour 45 min.

8/21/2010 Barren Spot PS Couplings were destroyed                                                        15 Hours 30 min.

8/24/2010  Barren Spot PS Couplings were off balanced                                                    2 Hours

8/30/2010  Barren Spot House Pump Failed                                                                        1 Hour 45 min.

9/1/2010-9/3/2010 Barren Spot Broken 8” sewer force main                                  2 Days 5 Hours

9/5/2010-9/7/2010 Barren Spot House Pump Failed                                                  2 Days 9 Hours 30 min.

9/8/2010 Barren Spot PS House Pump Failed                                                                      12 Hours

12/2/2010-12/3/2010 Barren Spot ditch line for diesel pump separated                  1 Day  3 Hours 15 min.

2/23/2011 Barren Spot PS busted discharge hose                                                                 3 Hours 15 min.

3/13/2011-3/23/2011 Barren Spot PS/submersible pump elec. failure             10 Days 7 Hours 15 min.

Total For Barren Spot:                                                                                                 18 days 18 hours 30 min.

Other major bypasses which you did not mention at all were:

4/23/2010-5/3/2010  Broken Force Main LBJ (Figtree had LBJ’s pump)              10 Days

9/8/2010-9/11/2010  LBJ Broken Force Main                                                            2 Days 18 Hours 30 min.

12/18/2010 Lagoon Street PS house pump failed-sewage overflow                           3 days 22 hours

1/4/2011 Weymouth Rhymer PS      Force Main Break Ongoing

1/9/2011-1/14/2011 Humbug II PS Obstructed Force Main                                       5 Days 3 ½ Hours

1/27/2011-2/9/2011 LBJ new force main “10 days 11.5 hrs”                    (actually 13 Days 11.5 Hours)

2/24/2011-3/2/2011 Force main adj to Hovensa Broken Force Main                         6 Days 6 Hours

2/24/2011-3/2/2011 Fig Tree PS  Broken Force Main                                                 5 Days  22 hours

3/21/2011-3/24/2011 NaNa Gut PS   Pump impeller                                                   3 Days 6 Hours

Total for other pump stations:                                                                                   50 Days 17.5 hours plus Weymouth Rhymer

These 69+ Days of pumping raw sewage into our coastal waters are just the ones that I know about, given the incomplete records, and not including the Hurricane Earl mass outages. There may be many more bypasses, but these are the ones I told you about in my summary from the Non-Compliance Reports I received from Jim Casey. I am hoping to soon receive the more comprehensive information from Mr. Modesto and Mr. Font.

Therefore, you may want to correct your statement to the Court.   It appears that VIWMA may have pumped out more raw sewage over our reefs this year than they did last year. Your continued refusal to enforce the statute and move for contempt is inexplicable. Sincerely, Susan


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