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EPA is hiding the Raw Sewage Flow Quantities!

Ms. Calderon:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act I have previously requested, of the EPA:

“all wastewater discharges in the USVI since January 1, 2010,
including when the discharges commenced, when they stopped,
and the quantities involved.”

I have not received that information. I have received Non-Compliance Reports, which do not state the above information. There are no reports, or very limited information, when the very worst bypasses occurred. For example, the EPA proved to the federal district court that between January and March, 2010, VIWMA pumped over 50 million gallons of raw sewage into our coastal waters. Now look at the Non-Compliance reports for that 2 month period. These reports do not give the required start and stop dates,  or the quantities involved. See, i.e. Barren Spot attachment.   It is my understanding that given his prior testimony, Mr. Modesto has this information, and Mr. Font is above him.

VIWMA dumped again April 23-May3, 2010. There are no Non-Compliance Report for those dates. This January-March, 2011, again VIWMA has been pumping raw sewage into our coastal waters. I AM ASKING FOR THIS PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED DATA.

In addition, I am asking for the names and titles of the people in DPNR and EPA who supervise and/or regulate VIWMA. Who reviews VIWMA’s Non-Compliance Reports? Who ensures that VIWMA is following the requirements of the TPDES Permit? Who ensures that VIWMA and DPNR are in compliance with the current court orders in regard to having the necessary, maintained equipment, and giving the public notice when bypasses occur?

Please provide this information. Given the fact that Federal District Judge Gomez was outraged that VIWMA pumped 50 million gallons of raw sewage over our reefs last year, he will want to know the quantity of raw sewage that VIWMA dumped over our reefs this year, and who is responsible.    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Sincerely, Susan K. Wolterbeek

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