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Kids’ Corner

Brought to you by NOAA:

Click on the link below and learn a lot about our oceans and all the animals who live there, and their need for our help and protection.

You will see:

Puffy The Puffer’s Book of Fun Fish Facts,

25 Things You Can Do To Save Coral Reefs

Threatened, Endangered, and depleted seals and sea lions

Endangered Whales,

Interesting Web Sites For Teachers and Kids

The Jason Project and much much more!

Press Control and Click on:    International Year of the Ocean – Kid’s & Teacher’s Resources and have fun!

Brought to you by FISH AND WILDLIFE:

Click on the links below and learn a lot about our lands and skies and all the animals who live there, and their need for our help and protection.


You will see:  A calendar of events, and sections for adults, educators and kids, which include:

Cool Computer Games Just For Kids

Hey, kids!  While you’re surfing the ‘Net, catch a wave on over to a fun page of activities all about birds, bugs, big cats and more!

Click on and play lots of fun games right on your computer.  Then, get outside and see the wonders of nature close-up!

Through the Lens: Reflections

Have you ever looked at your reflection in a pool of water?  Reflections are fun to photograph because of the way they both mirror and change the way objects look.

The reflection in a pool of water changes if it is windy or if there are ripples in the water.  The next time you visit a large lake, river, or another body of water at a national wildlife refuge, bring along your camera and experiment! Click on and check out photography tips from Gabby Salazar, founder and editor of the online magazine Nature’s Best Photography Students.

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