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Impaired Beaches

EPA Approves U.S. Virgin Islands’ 2014 List of Waters Facing Pollution Threats; 



Complete List of 2014 Impaired Waters. There are 200 beaches in the US Virgin Islands that are Impaired or threatened.


This list comes out about 18 months after evaluation. We do not expect to see the 2016 Impaired Beaches until mid-2018.


USVI 2014 Impaired Beaches or


See 2012 Impaired Beaches


This has been deleted from the EPA Waterbodies site, but is included in the 2014 version.  Note: this is a form of C-Y-A because the EPA and NOAA are not doing their jobs; the USVI Waters are in very bad shape. DPNR is totally corrupt and incompetent.



See 2010 Impaired Beaches


This has been deleted from the EPA Waterbodies site, but is included in the 2014 version.


Note: I found a copy on a Backup Hard Drive. Here it is.

EPA 2010 Impaired Waters List for USVI


The Clean Water Act requires states to assess the quality of their waters and to report their findings every two years to EPA. The list is compiled by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) and is a valuable tool for reaching the Clean Water Act goal of “fishable and swimmable” waters for the entire territory.


“The protection and restoration of waters throughout the Virgin Islands are critical to people’s health and the economy of the Virgin Islands,” said Judith Enck, EPA Regional Administrator. “The list of impaired and threatened waters in the Virgin Islands helps governments, businesses and concerned citizens create the best plans for eliminating the pollution that threatens water quality.”


The list specifically includes impaired waters for which the development of a total maximum daily load (TMDL), a budget for water pollution, is necessary. TMDLs define the maximum amount of a pollutant that a water body can receive and still meet water quality standards. They are developed by states and approved by EPA once the Agency determines that the TMDL will allow the water body to achieve water quality standards.


The Virgin Islands and state governments throughout the U.S. designate the use of local waters for a range of activities including drinking water, swimming and recreation, and fishing. The 2010 list of impaired and threatened waters in the Virgin Islands identifies 204 instances in which a pollutant is causing an impairment of a water body that keeps it from supporting its designated use. The most common cause of the pollution problems are cloudiness in the water (turbidity), dissolved oxygen and bacteria.


The list also notes the sources of water pollutants. The most common sources include erosion and sedimentation; discharges from boats at marinas; and highway, road and bridge runoff. A pollutant may come from more than one source.


U.S. Virgin Islands waters are assessed every two years for the presence of pollutants.



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Division of Environmental Protection
Department of Planning & Natural Resources
Cyril E. King Airport, 2nd Floor
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802

Phone: (340) 774-3320
Fax: (340) 714-9549

Division of Environmental Protection
Department of Planning & Natural Resources
45 Mars Hill, Frederiksted
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands 00841

Phone: (340) 773-1082
Fax: (340) 692-9794


2 Responses to Impaired Beaches

  • Alex says:

    Are you aware that the beaches aren’t being tested in STT/STJ district because the contract has not been awarded? Few weeks back Coki was unfit for swimming & fishing. Coral Word & Margaritaville projects are still a go in spite of the polluted waters. Where are the Health warnings? Should I start contacting the cruise ships and tell them to warn their passengers on the dangers of swimming in our waters?

    • dave says:

      Yes, Alex, isn’t it unbelievable? I have been writing letters to NEPA, the EPA, and am continuing to file complaints with the IG’s Office. I am now working on yet another letter to the EPA in Washington, and to Congressional groups. We will update the website to let you see what I have been up to.

      In regard to water testing, my understanding is that there are 2 kinds performed here. There is the beach monitoring, which is very superficial, and there is the more in depth testing of VI coastal waters, which is supposed to be conducted every 2 years. When the EPA finally looked at the more comprehensive tests conducted in 2007, 2008 and 2009, they threw out the data from 2008 and 2009, yet kept the data for 2007, as you can see from the attached document by DPNR. Based upon the 2007 results, the EPA stated that 204 of our beaches were impaired. Nevertheless, the EPA did not require any water testing in 2010, 2011, or 2012, or even any retesting since the 2008 and 2009 results were thrown out, even though the testing is to be conducted every 2 years, by federal statute!

      According to Geoffrey Garrison, an EPA employee with oversight powers, the testing began again in September, 2013, but of course, they will not give us the data. Geoffrey Garrison’s email is: He apparently spends his time between St. Thomas and St. Croix. Although he has oversight powers, as far as I know, neither he nor anyone at the EPA is enforcing the clean water act and the endangered species act. Region 2 of the EPA refuses to prosecute the people who continue to willfully pollute our waters, and, as you know, the chiefs of enforcement at DPNR were in 2008 onward too busy taking bribes and selling cocaine from the DPNR boats, so no one is enforcing our laws.

      We need the EPA to get the CDC involved before we have a full blown case of Cholera, the Plague, etc. Judith Enck refuses to alert the CDC. The coral and turtles are almost gone. Do you know of any high powered people in Washington, media or talk shows? I would love to talk with you, anytime. Perhaps we can brainstorm together. My number is 340 714-2233. Sincerely, Susan Wolterbeek

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